The Moon, Mind, and Mother

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an artist's rendering of a planet in spaceThe Moon, Mind, and Mother

The moon is the significator of the mind and mother. The moon is a gentle planet; the emotional radiance of the full moon has a unique way of bringing joy to the mind, unlike the brilliance of lightning. Due to this special quality, the moon is associated with affection and is often seen as a symbol of love. When we think of love, the face of a mother comes to mind. Therefore, the moon is called the significator of the mother.

Just as a hungry child drinking milk in the lap of the mother evokes a feeling of love, the moon is the significator of that affection. The moon is the fastest-moving celestial body, and its constant changes in speed make it crucial in matters related to the mind. The mind, which changes its pace in a moment, is more dynamic than the moon. Therefore, the moon is the significator of the mind.

In the body:

The influence of the moon is felt in the chest and other parts related to fluids such as blood, urine, digestive juices, and digestive functions. The natural radiance in the night comes from the moon. We can see many things in the moonlight, making eyes and vision associated with the moon. The left eye in men and the right eye in women, as well as the bladder and lungs, are under the influence of the moon.

Qualities of the Moon:

The moon’s light is cool, hence its association with coolness, calmness, and moisture in the air. It is quick to give results due to its fast pace. In a natural horoscope, the moon is in the fourth house, which signifies home, homeland, land, and love for the country. All these things are seen through the moon.

Diseases related to the Moon:

The moon has an influence on the acidity in the body, leading to mental illnesses, strange behavior, irritability, indigestion, cough, cold, and throat-related diseases. Visual defects are also attributed to the moon.

Business related to the Moon:

The moon is associated with water-related businesses, fisheries, navy, pearls, and other businesses related to flowing substances. Kerosene and petrol, extracted from the earth, are also associated with the moon. Products like silver-plated items are also under the influence of the moon.

Productions associated with the Moon:

The moon is associated with quickly growing vegetables, juicy fruits, sugarcane, saffron, corn, and metals like silver and pearls. Businesses related to silver-plated items fall under the jurisdiction of the moon.

Places associated with the Moon:

The moon is a significator of coolness, hence its association with places like hill stations, water bodies like tanks, green forests, and places where milk is produced, such as dairies. Places where water tanks for drinking water are located are also under the influence of the moon.

In conclusion,

the moon plays a crucial role in various aspects of life, from emotions and relationships to bodily functions and businesses. Understanding its influence helps in appreciating the subtle connections between celestial bodies and our daily experiences.


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