“Saturn’s Qualities, Body Parts, Business, Diseases, Significators, Karma, Justice, Illness, and the Cause of Suffering

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“Saturn’s Qualities, Body Parts, Business, Diseases, Significators, Karma, Justice, Illness, and the Cause of Suffering

Introduction to Saturn, the Significator of Karma, Justice, and Disease:

                    Saturn is considered the significator of karma and justice. It is also associated with various aspects of life, including body parts, business, diseases, significators, karma, justice, illness, and the cause of suffering. Saturn’s birth occurred from Chhaya, the second wife of the Sun. However, upon seeing Saturn’s dark complexion, the Sun was displeased, leading to mutual animosity. Since then, Saturn and the Sun consider each other as adversaries and remain in opposition.

In the solar system, Saturn holds the position of a servant. Among the twelve zodiac signs, Saturn is considered the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. Due to its placement in the tenth house, Saturn is regarded as a significator of karma. In Libra, Saturn is exalted up to 20 degrees, and in Aries, it is considered debilitated up to 20 degrees. Saturn receives directional strength in the seventh house of the horoscope. Saturn forms a Yogakaraka combination when associated with a benefic planet or the Moon.

Saturn’s Friends and Enemies
               Buddha (Mercury) and Shukra (Venus) are considered good friends of Saturn. Jupiter acknowledges Saturn as a friend. However, Saturn considers Surya (Sun) and Mangal (Mars) as its staunch enemies. Saturn forms a sattvic relationship with Mercury and a rajasic relationship with Venus. Saturn spends approximately two and a half years in each zodiac sign, completing its full cycle in 30 years. The specific effects of Saturn are observed at the beginning and end of its transit.

Saturn is visible in the sky but appears dull compared to other celestial bodies. Its motion is slower than that of other planets.

Saturn’s Position and Significator
               In the hierarchy of nine planets, the Sun is considered the king, and Saturn is the servant. Due to its slow pace, Saturn delays the delivery of results after considerable effort. Saturn is known for its ability to provide results after hard work, patience, peace, and careful observation. Saturn plays the role of a servant; thus, it manages the affairs of others and is involved in lower-level tasks. Saturn is associated with the end of life and death, and its influence is seen in the 35 to 42 years of a person’s life. In the celestial realm, Saturn is perceived as dim compared to other planets, and its motion is significantly slower.

Saturn‘s Characteristics
              Saturn is characterized by slow motion, dedicated work towards goals, and a cautious approach. Due to its slow movement, Saturn is perceived as lazy, and its desire for material pleasure makes it frugal.

These are some aspects related to Saturn and its influence on various aspects of life.”Under the Influence of Saturn: Body Parts
Saturn governs the challenging aspects of the body, particularly the bones. The entire skeletal structure of the body falls under the influence of Saturn. In the natural zodiac, Saturn rules the tenth house, which directs its influence towards the knees. In Aquarius, which is Saturn’s sign, its influence extends to the ears, with the left ear for men and the right ear for women.

Health Issues under Saturn’s Influence
             Saturn, being a slow-moving planet, is associated with long-lasting and chronic illnesses. Diseases that progress slowly and are not easily cured, such as paralysis, cancer, dental issues, asthma, and the aging process, fall under Saturn’s influence. Skin diseases and those related to bones, such as tuberculosis, weak bones, hair loss, and ear ailments, are also connected to Saturn’s influence.

Business under Saturn’s Rule
              Saturn, being a servant, is linked to professions involving service to others or dealing with the afterlife. Businesses related to hospitals, mortuaries, historical research, old artifacts, and industries dealing with iron, steel, coal, and coal products are under Saturn’s influence. Deep and secretive professions, including astrology, mantra-tantra, and the metal industry, are also governed by Saturn.

Saturn’s Preferred Places
            Saturn prefers isolated places such as jungles, caves, dirty areas, gutters, coal mines, and iron foundries. It is associated with cold and desolate places like mountain peaks, ice cream factories, garbage corners in homes, and drainage pipes in kitchens. Places related to death, such as cremation grounds, are also under Saturn’s rule.

Animals and Plants under Saturn’s Influence
              Animals like rats, mice, and reptiles are considered under Saturn’s influence. Plants with thick skin, tasteless fruits, and unappetizing vegetables, such as bitter gourd and radish, fall under Saturn’s dominion.

              Saturn is a significator of karma and is known as the giver of karmic results. It is said to provide the fruits of one’s actions, albeit with a delay. Saturn’s influence encourages hard work and perseverance. It is associated with the slow but sure consequences of one’s deeds. The positive results of an individual’s actions are attributed to Saturn through the influence of Ketu, while the negative consequences are channeled through Rahu.


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