Taurus, Second, Female Sign, Fixed, Ruled by Venus, Earth Element,

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Taurus, Second, Female Sign, Fixed, Ruled by Venus, Earth Element,

Taurus is a zodiac sign associated with the construction area of the body and business.

                      Among the 12 signs of the zodiac cycle, Taurus is the second sign, ruled by Venus. It is a female sign, and Venus is considered the planet of femininity. Taurus is a stable and earthy sign. Its symbol is the Bull, representing a powerful creature that, unlike wild animals, is hardworking and resilient. The Bull is used for farming and transportation, symbolizing strength, endurance, and a tendency towards helpfulness and charity. These qualities are found in individuals born under this sign.

Taurus, being a fixed sign, moves slowly but is known for its perseverance, patience, and diligent work ethic. In a natal chart, Taurus occupies the second house, associated with wealth, family understanding, communication, and speech. Hence, individuals with a strong Taurus influence are stable in their thoughts and demonstrate courage in expressing their opinions.

Governed by Venus, the planet of physical pleasures, Taurus appreciates beauty and enjoys worldly comforts. Venus’ influence also makes Taurus individuals calm and composed, handling situations like a Bull facing challenges head-on. They rarely lose their temper, but when they do, they confront challenges just as a Bull would use its horns to protect itself.

Physical Attributes under Taurus:

                 Taurus rules over certain parts of the body in a male natal chart, including the neck, teeth, nose, and eyes, contributing to their overall attractiveness.

Health Issues related to Taurus:

                    In the  natal chart, Taurus governs the second house, which is associated with throat-related issues such as tonsillitis, reduced taste sensation, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, dental problems, toothaches, eye conditions like cataracts, and issues affecting the beauty of the eyes.

As Venus, the ruler of Taurus, has a cooling nature, illnesses related to cold and mucus, such as colds and coughs, are also associated with this sign.

In conclusion, Taurus individuals are known for their stable and steadfast nature, coupled with an appreciation for beauty and a strong work ethic. They handle challenges with resilience, much like a Bull facing adversity. The physical attributes and health issues associated with Taurus are essential considerations for individuals with this sign prominent in their natal chart.

Creation Activities of Taurus Zodiac Sign:

                      Taurus is governed by Venus, a cool planet, and is associated with the throat. Therefore, businesses related to cold drinks, ice cream, beverages, alcohol, beer, soft mattresses, and silk fabrics are connected to Taurus. In the male natal chart, Taurus is placed in the second house, associated with wealth. Hence, businesses related to banking, financial records, and expenses, as well as those enhancing beauty, such as jewelry shops, are influenced by Taurus. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is a symbol of beauty, leading to the creation of items like flowers, artificial jewelry, and jewelry manufacturing units, as well as the food industry, particularly sweets.

Industries Associated with Taurus:

                    Taurus, ruled by Venus, is linked to the creation of colorful glass, glassware, paints, pictures, and colorful images. Taurus is also associated with the creation of vehicles, such as cars and auto-rickshaws, and industries related to petroleum production. Taurus is involved in artistic fields like film making, theatre, and music, as well as businesses related to money, such as banks and strong rooms.

Businesses Related to Taurus:

                     Taurus, ruled by Venus, is a sign associated with financial prosperity. Businesses related to revenue departments in banks, tax collection, and financiers dealing with interest fall under the influence of Taurus. Taurus is also linked to the artistic field, including singers, film production, TV serial production, and other creative endeavors. Additionally, Taurus is connected to businesses related to dairy farming, milk production, and floral and fruit-related businesses.

In conclusion,

                  Taurus, positioned in the second house of the male natal chart, is associated with creating and maintaining wealth. Businesses related to food, beauty, art, and finance thrive under the influence of Taurus. The sign’s ruler, Venus, also makes Taurus individuals inclined towards physical and material pleasures, emphasizing their love for beauty and a desire for financial success.


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