Mars is the significator of energy.

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Mars is the significator of energy.

In the solar system, the Sun is referred to as the king, and Mars is called the commander-in-chief. Mars, with its vivid red color, is prominently visible in the sky. Perhaps, it is because of its red hue that Mars is associated with the element of fire, especially its influence on Agni (fire). While the Sun is also a significator of fire, the fire derived from the Sun is essential for life. On the other hand, Mars is seen as a catalyst for destructive fires.

The body parts governed by Mars:

Mars governs various body parts. Due to its placement in the first house of the natural zodiac, Mars has authority over the face, head, and upper part of the body. In Vedic astrology, when Mars is placed in Scorpio, it rules the eighth house, signifying the lower abdomen, reproductive organs, and external genitalia.

The power of Mars:

Mars represents power, authority, courage, aggression, masculinity, and attributes like valor, aggression, dominance, and animality are associated with Mars.

Mars’ qualities:

As Mars is a commander, it possesses qualities such as leadership, dominance, courage, and perseverance. However, due to its quick temper, it can be impulsive and aggressive. Mars’ influence can lead to confrontations and cause discomfort to its partners during intimate relationships.

Diseases related to Mars:

The fiery nature of Mars is associated with diseases such as burns, heat-related illnesses, various types of fever, skin conditions, and inflammatory diseases. Additionally, Mars rules over the facial region, contributing to conditions like acne and mental illnesses, including insanity and issues related to blood circulation.

Business and professions related to Mars:

Given Mars’ role as a warrior, it governs professions related to defense, security, police force, intelligence, weapons, explosives, and metal industries. Industries involved in the manufacturing of boilers, steam engines, and energy production machinery also fall under the influence of Mars.

Construction related to Mars:

Mars, being associated with sharp elements, influences the construction of buildings with fortified structures. It governs areas such as military bases, police stations, weapon manufacturing units, and engineering and technology colleges. In a home, Mars is linked to the kitchen, water heaters, bathrooms, basements, and septic tanks.

Mars and animals :

Mars is linked to aggressive and predatory animals, such as lions, foxes, dogs, and hunting dogs like cheetahs.

Plants related to Mars:

Mars governs thorny plants, spicy herbs, and plants with red-colored fruits or tough outer coverings. Tobacco, garlic, onions, and red-colored fruits fall under the domain of Mars.

In conclusion,

Mars plays a crucial role in various aspects of life, from physical health and energy to career choices and relationships, as depicted in Vedic astrology.


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