Mercury is consider the significator of intellect and discrimination,and his characteristics,body part,Health issues.

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Saturn and its ringsMercury is consider the significator of intellect and discrimination,and his characteristics,body part,Health issues.

                      Mercury-youthfull,intelligent,  In the solar system, Mercury is regarded as the prince, and it is considered youthful. Similar to the nature of children, Mercury is known for being stubborn, mischievous, and intelligent. In the Kal Purusha Kundali,Mercury-youthfull,intelligent, Mercury governs two signs in the zodiac, Gemini and Virgo, representing the third and sixth houses, respectively.

The word “Budh” is closely associated with intelligence. Mercury shares similarities with the exuberance found in children. It possesses the playfulness and obstinacy observed in kids. Mercury’s influence is significant in communication skills, and it holds authority over speech. Characteristics such as understanding, witty conversation, and playing with words are attributed to Mercury.

Mercury is placed in the third house of the zodiac, the house of short journeys, representing the air element. This association gives Mercury dominance in abilities related to hearing, sound, and voice. The third house signifies short travels, leading to Mercury’s inclination towards change, adaptability, and a desire for constant exploration.

Mercury is referred to as the son of the Moon. It predominantly represents business activities and is a symbol of intelligence and discrimination. Mercury is considered exalted in Virgo up to 15 degrees and debilitated in Pisces up to 15 degrees. Unlike the Sun and the Moon, Mercury does not always follow a straight path; it oscillates and changes its course frequently.

The effects of Mercury are influenced by its association with benefic or malefic planets. When aligned with auspicious planets, it yields positive results, while alignment with malefic planets may lead to adverse outcomes. Afflictions to Mercury can result in health issues related to speech, bile, and phlegm.

Mercury governs the north direction and is considered neuter and tridosha (pertaining to three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Mercury represents the Rajoguna.

Body Parts Influenced by Mercury:

  • Mercury governs the power of hearing, making it associated with the ears.
  • Mercury has authority over the respiratory system, lungs, and shoulders.
  • In the second sign, Virgo, Mercury governs the digestive system, including the digestive organs.
  • Mercury rules over the nerves in the body.
  • Mercury’s influence extends to the hands, arms, and shoulders.

Characteristics of Mercury:

Due to its dominance in speech and intellect, individuals influenced by Mercury are known for their communicative abilities, intelligence, and playful nature. They are often engaged in multiple activities simultaneously, reflecting their dynamic and ever-changing personality. Despite an inclination towards learning and writing, they tend to exhibit childlike behavior.

Health Issues Related to Mercury:

                 Mercury’s association with speech and the respiratory system can lead to speech impediments, deafness, and respiratory disorders such as asthma, tuberculosis, and hearing impairments.

Professions Associated with Mercury:

                Given Mercury’s influence on intelligence and speech, professions related to communication, teaching, law, consultancy, and education fall under its dominion. It governs occupations in telecommunication, mobile phones, travel agencies, and various businesses involving calculation and computation.

Objects and Places Governed by Mercury:

                Mercury has a connection with education, making it relevant to schools, colleges, lecture halls, communication centers, call centers, post offices, printing presses, and places associated with writing and reading. The color green is attributed to Mercury, indicating its influence on small birds, green vegetables, and small plants.

This comprehensive understanding of Mercury’s characteristics, influences, and associations provides insight into its significance in Vedic astrology.


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