Jupiter, the planet, is considered the guru of the celestial beings.

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Jupiter, the planet, is considered the guru of the celestieial beings.a picture of a planet with the name jupiter on it

It is recognized as the son of the sage Angira and is counted among the seven sages in the Puranas. Jupiter’s mother, Shradha, was the daughter of Sage Kardama. Jupiter is acknowledged as the guru of the deities, possessing qualities of strength, gentle disposition, bestowing knowledge, and being an auspicious planet.

Among the planets, Jupiter is exceptionally powerful, characterized by a tender nature and a provider of knowledge. It is often referred to as Guru. Jupiter rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. It forms good alliances with the Sun, Moon, and Mars, while its relationship with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu is neither friendly nor adversarial. Mercury and Venus maintain a strong friendship with Jupiter, acknowledging its power.

Jupiter’s influence encompasses justice, philosophy, devotion, righteousness, reincarnation, Vedic wisdom, and representation of deities. It resides in the ninth house in Sagittarius and the twelfth house in Pisces. Due to its presence in the ninth house, Jupiter’s influence extends to long-distance and spiritual journeys. Being a large planet in size, Jupiter governs qualities such as magnanimity, social service, fame, honor, promotions, and overall prosperity.

Attributes of Jupiter:

  • Jupiter embodies divine qualities, justice, tranquility, religious disposition, wisdom, guiding principles, and counseling.
  • Known for promoting growth, Jupiter is associated with family expansion, and children are often seen as under its influence.
  • Jupiter governs specific body parts, including adipose tissue, liver, gallbladder, blood circulation, and feet. The upper part of the feet and the soles are particularly under Jupiter’s domain.

Ailments related to Jupiter:

Due to its influence on the liver, Jupiter is associated with conditions like jaundice, blood disorders, and liver-related diseases. Cancer, tumors, swellings, and elephantiasis are also attributed to Jupiter’s dominance in the astrological realm.

Business under Jupiter’s influence:

Jupiter, being linked to divine principles, is associated with professions such as priests, religious leaders, educators, and those involved in prayer spaces. Legal practitioners, judges, and individuals connected to the justice system are also influenced by Jupiter. Educational institutions, schools, and colleges fall under Jupiter’s domain. Additionally, businesses related to dairy, fats, sweets, cashews, almonds, and foreign trade are governed by Jupiter.

Construction and Creation under Jupiter:

Jupiter is associated with the creation of vast structures, large-scale industries, temples, mosques, churches, and gurdwaras. Its influence extends to big factories, palaces, and places of worship. Images or representations of saints and sages often find a place in areas ruled by Jupiter.

Flora and Fauna under Jupiter:

Jupiter’s dominion extends to large animals like elephants, horses, and buffaloes. It also governs significant birds such as peacocks. Trees like banyan and plants like almonds, peanuts, and cashews are considered under Jupiter’s influence.

In summary, Jupiter, the celestial guru, is a symbol of divine wisdom, justice, and spiritual growth. Its impact is felt across various aspects of life, including health, business, construction, and the natural world.


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