January 15, 2024 – Horoscope and Panchang (Hindu Calendar) | Today’s Panchang |

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 January 15, 2024 – Horoscope and Panchang (Hindu Calendar) | Today’s | Panchang

Today’s Date: Panchami (Fifth day of the lunar fortnight), Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon)

Today’s Nakshatra: Shatabhisha until 8:05 AM, then Purva Bhadrapada

Yoga: Variyana; Moon transits Aquarius, and Sun enters Capricorn at 2:43 AM. Panchak (inauspicious period) continues today.

Horoscope for Today:


  • A good day for Aries individuals.
  • Relations with friends, siblings, and elders will be positive.
  • Recognition and respect in the professional sphere.
  • Maintain harmony with spouse and family to avoid potential challenges.


  • Job opportunities for Taurus individuals.
  • Financial gains and increased prestige.
  • Be cautious about possible injuries to the feet or body.
  • Pay attention to the health of the father.


  • Gemini individuals should be cautious during travel.
  • Favorable for work-related matters.
  • Potential differences of opinion with the father; gain respect and prestige.


  • Focus on health for Cancer individuals.
  • Possible challenges in relationships with spouse or oneself.
  • Maintain emotional balance; a good day for competitions.
  • Short or long-distance travel is likely.


  • Leo individuals may experience sudden gains or losses.
  • Recognition for job professionals.
  • Successful outcomes in legal matters.
  • Positive atmosphere at home.


  • Short trips will bring financial gains for Virgo individuals.
  • Favorable for relationships with siblings, neighbors, and small business matters.
  • Think and act carefully in all endeavors.
  • Meditation is advised.


  • A highly favorable day for Libra individuals.
  • Business professionals may receive good orders.
  • Jupiter’s transit in the seventh house is auspicious.


  • Emotional stress may be experienced by Scorpio individuals.
  • A good day for job and business matters.
  • Sudden gains possible.
  • Be cautious in love relationships and with family.


  • Expenses on children and entertainment for Sagittarius individuals.
  • Be careful with decision-making.
  • Good day for job and business matters.
  • Avoid arguments with elders and superiors.


  • Capricorn individuals should take care of their health.
  • Be cautious of hidden enemies.
  • Positive day for business; gains in love relationships and with children.


  • Aquarius individuals may face mental stress.
  • Control your speech.
  • Benefits from small travels and chanting mantras.
  • Possible expenses on spouse or entertainment.


  • Business gains for Pisces individuals.
  • Think and decide carefully.
  • Avoid arguments with elders and those in authority.
  • Potential disagreements in business partnerships; be cautious.

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