Weekly Horoscope (5.2.24 – 11.2.24) and Planetary Positions in the Week.

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 Weekly Horoscope (5.2.24 – 11.2.24) and Planetary Positions in the Week.

        February 5, 2024 – By Astrologer Madan Kishor.

This week, the planetary positions are as follows:

         Jupiter will transit in Aries, Ketu in Virgo, Venus in Sagittarius, Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, and Rahu in Pisces. Mars will enter Capricorn on the night of February 5 at 9:42 PM.

         The Moon is currently in Scorpio today and will enter Sagittarius on February 6 at 7:35 AM. It will then move to Capricorn on February 8 at 10:04 AM and further to Aquarius on February 10 at 10:02 AM.

Weekly Horoscope from 05.02.24 to 11.02.24:

Aries Sign:

            For Aries individuals, this is a favorable time for planning a long journey, especially a pilgrimage. Exercise caution during the journey. On February 5, there might be concerns about the mother or the home environment. A job promotion is possible on the 6th, but be mindful of stomach issues. Business partnerships may bring gains on the 7th, and recognition is likely on the 8th. Events bringing joy at home may occur on the 9th and 10th. Those who started exercising but stopped can resume. Stay calm in challenging situations and make decisions peacefully. Exciting events may unfold in life, boosting energy levels. Those consuming alcohol may face stomach-related problems.

Taurus Sign:

           Taurus individuals may face some challenges related to children on February 6 and 7. If applying for a loan, it might get approved after thorough document verification. Pay attention to skin, kidney, and eye problems this week. Those working with beauty and skincare products may see progress. Property-related agreements should be avoided on the 10th and 11th, as disputes are possible. Real estate brokers may find favorable opportunities. Those involved in physiotherapy may attract new clients. People engaged in physical work and police services may receive financial benefits. It’s a good time for those working with fire extinguishing products.

Gemini Sign:

             Gemini individuals may experience issues with siblings, short trips, and neighbors. Be cautious about the home environment as well. There may be a strong desire to attain love, and concerns about its authenticity may not bother you much. Between February 8 and 10, family, health, and friendship issues may surface. Businessmen dealing with garment and beauty products should enhance their responsibilities, but they may face some inconveniences. Real estate agents might find success, but challenges may arise in this field. People working in sports may have a favorable time. Those in administration may need to be cautious, and some may behave selfishly.

Cancer Sign:

            Cancer individuals should be cautious of any conflicts with female adversaries. Strong disagreements with spouses or partners are possible. It’s a challenging time for those in the clothing industry or trying to enter this field. Be cautious about unethical means to obtain loans, as it may lead to complications. If planning to build a house, take a loan through legitimate means. The mind will be sharp during this period, so try to be innovative. Disagreements with colleagues or partners are possible, and someone may challenge you directly. If you can bathe at night, stress will be reduced. However, due to being a Cancer sign, you may feel cold, so use less water.

Leo Sign:

            Leo individuals who are seeking government jobs or jobs in big companies, limited companies, or corporations may find success this week. There is a chance of financial gains on the 5th and 6th, especially through education and property. Those involved in service-related businesses may see good profits this week. Health expenses are possible between the 8th and 10th, so take care of your health during this period. People engaged in marketing or similar activities may benefit from short trips. There is an increase in respect and honor, and positive associations with good people. Those involved in service-related businesses may experience good profits this week. Be cautious about health issues, particularly related to eyes and acidity. On the 11th, there may be mental stress due to work-related issues or conflicts with life partners, so meditation can be beneficial. Express your hidden creativity and interests. Romantic interests may grow, but be cautious of ego issues and avoid creating false problems in current relationships. This time can be crucial for expressing your true self. Be mindful of overspending. Surgical procedures may help resolve kidney or gallbladder issues. Those playing football may enhance their skills, and it’s a favorable time for those in the children’s clothing business. Manage your expectations in certain matters that you can control.

Virgo Sign:

            For Virgo individuals, selling property on the 5th of February may bring good profits. From the 8th to the 10th, careful consideration is needed for any significant decisions or starting new ventures. Make the most of any work you do during this time for both enjoyment and benefits. Those wishing to send their children abroad may find success this week. Be cautious of disagreements with business or life partners; try to avoid unnecessary conflicts. This week is favorable for achieving success in mantras or spiritual advancements. Your emotions may have a significant impact, so try to control them. Unexpected expenses may arise; however, proper planning can help manage them. For those looking to buy a new flat, this week brings opportunities, but be careful with decisions. Utilize your time at home to enhance family bonds. Property-related issues or disputes may arise, try to handle them diplomatically. It’s a good time for technical professionals. While financial gains are possible, be cautious about impulsive decisions.

Libra Sign:

           Libra individuals will have a favorable day on the 5th of February for their ancestral business. From the 6th to the 8th, those planning to apply for a visa for foreign travel may find success. Libra natives are good speakers, and this skill will be enhanced during this time. The relationship with neighbors may strengthen. Those involved in digital or traditional businesses may have an excellent week. Positive changes in relationships with siblings are indicated. From the 6th to the 11th, any work done will bring both joy and benefits. For property purchases, it’s advisable to do them in the name of your spouse for good luck. Be cautious of health issues around the 8th and 9th, and travel with care. If there’s a stalled government job, making an effort this week may bring success. This week is conducive for those in share trading. Be mindful of unnecessary expenses. Business and office-related challenges may arise on the 11th; avoid conflicts with others. Technical skills may improve, but be cautious about negative impacts on work.

Scorpio Sign:

           Scorpio individuals may have an increased desire for spicy food, and they may feel intense energy. This week, the overall luck is favorable, and there’s a possibility of spending on family. Those dealing with beautiful items and decorative objects may spend lavishly. Once again, this period is favorable for individuals dealing with such products. There’s a likelihood of financial improvement. Family trips with brothers may be planned. Small journeys related to business may yield profits, and there’s a chance of secret gains. Increased honor and respect in society are foreseen on the 9th and 10th. For government job holders, there’s a chance of a favorable transfer. Deposits made during this time may earn interest. Those engaged in share trading may experience gains. As for those who aspire to establish a business in sweets or ghee (clarified butter), the weekly astrology indicates a positive time. Carefully plan your finances and investments. While there may be a positive change in business partnerships, be cautious about negative effects on your business.

Sagittarius Sign:

           Sagittarius individuals may face some financial challenges in business on February 5th. If you wish to start a new business from February 6th to 8th, go for it, but begin on a small scale. Those in service-related businesses may see good profits from the 6th to the 8th. Building good relationships with father and mentors is advised. A religious journey might be possible. Expenses on children and entertainment are expected on the 10th and 11th. Your personality will shine, attracting others with your humorous nature. This time is ideal for those developing technical skills or starting technical studies. People unsatisfied with marriage may undergo positive changes in their mindset. However, there might be mental struggles between desires and progress. Reflect on what you truly want and believe that you will find the answers. Overall, improvements are foreseen in your career, relationships, and health this week.

Capricorn Sign:

           Capricorn individuals may have a fortunate time in business, especially in export-import or foreign travel. Students applying for study visas can do so this week. Be cautious to avoid unnecessary conflicts that may harm your reputation from February 6th to 8th. Those working in government jobs may face allegations from a female colleague or superior during this period. Avoid disputes with females. Those planning for marriage might find success in their efforts on the 10th and 11th. Involving yourself in group activities can be fruitful, but avoid controversies. It’s a good time for networking business, while marital discord and new relationships are on the horizon.

Aquarius Sign:

            Aquarius individuals will find luck in spiritual pursuits. Starting from February 6th to 8th, you can initiate mantra chanting or any spiritual practice. Take care of your health and focus on meditation. Mental stress is possible from February 8th to 10th, along with sleep issues. Be mindful of your words and maintain control over your speech. Consume a balanced diet, drink more water, and practice deep breathing for overall well-being. Your strong determination to fulfill inner desires will be a significant aspect of your character. Collaborating with diverse individuals can bring benefits. Be cautious in relationships with female friends, and be aware that a friend’s behavior might be challenging. The week is favorable for those involved in education, beauty parlors, and garment businesses. Consider a pilgrimage if travel is on your agenda.

Pisces Sign:

           Pisces individuals will experience business gains, and mutual support between partners will be strong. Starting a new business is favored from February 6th, but begin with small steps. Status will increase from February 8th to 10th. Siblings will provide significant support, enhancing your overall luck. While work opportunities may rise, scrutinize them thoroughly before committing. A positive time for those in education-related professions, home-based teaching, accounting, or administration. Your versatility at the workplace may increase, and small decisions can lead to improvements. Consider interior decoration at home, and an inclination towards buying a new car may develop. Family bonding will strengthen, and property-related matters may arise.

Please note that astrology is a belief system, and interpretations may vary.





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