[ Today, let’s explore the First Bhav ]

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 Explore the realm of emotions, known as ‘Bhav,’ also referred to as ‘House.’ Starting today, we’ll delve into the aspects of Kundli, understanding the number of Bhavs and what each signifies.

[ Today, let’s explore the First Bhav ]

1      Whether an event will occur in someone’s life or not, the primary tool for predicting it is through Birth Kundli or Question Kundli. For this, understanding the Bhavs becomes crucial. Planets and signs provide information about an event, but a deeper insight is gained by understanding the Bhavs. Vedic astrology also emphasizes the importance of Bhavs.

  2      Whenever providing answers to a native’s question about an event, analysis is done on the Bhav related to that event. In the Krishnamurti system, considering the impact of every Bhav, a comprehensive analysis is conducted, combining insights from multiple Bhavs to predict the outcome.

  3       If only planets and the significators of a particular sign are considered, the answers may be inaccurate, as Bhavs play a vital role in event analysis.

  4        Hence, it is essential to understand which Bhavs are significant for specific events, and which ones act as supportive factors. Krishnamurti system elaborates on this aspect.

Detailed information about this methodology is available on our website https://astromadankishore.com. Previous posts provide extensive insights into planets and signs. Today, we’ll focus on Bhavs – the 12 houses in any Kundli.

Number 1 – The First Bhav:

  1    The First Bhav  Also known as Lagna or Ascendant, this Bhav is associated with the head and the entire body. It represents the self. Analyzing the First Bhav reveals details about one’s thoughts, nature, level of thinking, behavior, preferences, and habits.

  2    This Bhav also signifies the physical body, including strength, stamina, mental endurance, and health. It influences a person’s lifespan, general success or failure, authority, and status. Additionally, it reflects one’s appearance, height, face, and overall demeanor.

   3      The First Bhav also provides insights into relationships with siblings, maternal figures, friends, and associates. It influences journeys, education, foreign travels, changes in residence, and professional shifts.

  4       Krishnamurti system emphasizes that the Twelfth Bhav (12th house) from any house causes harm to that house. Therefore, the strength of the First Bhav, being the Lagna, can create challenges in family and financial matters. A robust First Bhav can benefit physical well-being but may pose difficulties in family and financial aspects.

       Understanding the First Bhav of a country or region’s Kundli provides insights into its population, collective mindset, culture, and more. If you want to know about someone’s home, start by examining the First Bhav.

 Note:   The knowledge shared here is for informational purposes, and for a comprehensive understanding, it is recommended to consult a profeional astrologer.ss

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