The third house,What is seen from the third house of the horoscope?

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The third house,

What is seen from the third house of the horoscope?

Today we will discuss the third house.

The third house, [third bhav, third ghar]

In the natal horoscope, the sign of Gemini comes in the third house, whose lord is Mercury. The influence of Mercury planet and Gemini sign is on this third house. Parts of the body seen from the third house: From the third house, the respiratory system of the native, hands, arms, shoulders, fingers of the hands, upper part of the hands, bone system, ears, auditory ability, as well as perception activities and sensory faculties are all observed.

Activities seen from the third house:

This house has authority over the respiratory system, so activities related to respiration, hands, arms, and the strength of arms, such as valor, courage, are related to this third house. The connection of the third house is with the bone system, so alertness, intelligence, and due to the air element of Gemini sign, imagination, good estimation, level of intelligence due to Mercury, and sharp intellect. The third house is related to arms and fingers, so activities like writing, writing, writing, signature style, etc., are seen from the third house.

Oppositional results from the third house:

The previous house [12th] of any house harms that house. Therefore, the third house is the 12th place from the fourth place, so oppositional results related to the results obtained from the fourth house, such as collision in education, obstacles in education, living away from home, losing rights on home, house changing or selling, going away from home, and being deprived of maternal happiness will also be seen from this house.

Information obtained from the third house:

In the natal horoscope, the sign of Gemini comes in the third house, whose lord is the Mercury planet and Gemini is an air sign, so from this house, writing, writing tools, paper, pen, pencil, printing press, ink, photo camera, printing house, letter, post office, wire, telephone exchange, news, radio, television, newspaper, agreement, signature agencies, reporters giving advertisement, television newsroom, and from this house, the younger siblings, neighbors, the courage of the native, the hobbies of the native, the attractions of the native, all these things are seen from the third house of the horoscope.

Fruits obtained from related persons till time:

The third house of any horoscope is the house of younger siblings of the native. From this, the health of younger siblings, foreign travel of the native’s mother, mother’s admission to the hospital, mother’s meditation, benefits of offspring, social activity of offspring, friends of offspring, progress of maternal uncle, maternal uncle’s business, father or guru’s business or about their death can also be known from this house. From this house, the love of elder siblings and friends, changes in their job, and their health can also be seen.

What can be seen about the country or state from the third house of a horoscope?

From the horoscope of any country or state, about the neighboring countries of that country or state, and the courage of that country, about the traffic institutions of that country, and about the spread of news in that country, whether those news are true or false, and about the progress related to intelligence of neighboring countries, and about their communication instruments can be known from this third house.

Place in the house:

The third house, which is related to writing, from this, bookshelves in the house, letterboxes, windows of the house, balconies, fans, books of children in the house or reading places, study table, or swings in the house can be seen.

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