Sun planet ,karka of soul,Center of the solar system,all other planets orbit around the sun,

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Sun planet ,karka of soul,Center of the solar system,all other planets orbit around the sun,

             The Sun, referred to as “Surya” in Hindi, holds a significant place among the celestial bodies in astrology. It is considered the significator or “karak” of the soul, implying its profound influence on an individual’s life. Serving as the center of the solar system, all other planets orbit around the Sun..The Sun is a massive, luminous ball of hot gas primarily composed of hydrogen and helium. It is the gravitational anchor of our solar system, around which all the planets, including Earth, orbit. The Sun’s diameter is approximately 1.4 million kilometers, making it about 109 times the diameter of Earth. It is an extremely hot celestial body, with temperatures reaching millions of degrees Celsius at its core

Let’s discuss various aspects of the Sun:

Significator of the Soul:

              The Sun is considered the significator of the soul, indicating its impact on an individual’s spiritual growth and personal well-being.


             The Sun is associated with enthusiasm, positivity, naturalness, and illumination. Its influence instils courage and a sense of support in individuals. The Sun plays a crucial role in sustaining life on Earth. Its energy, in the form of sunlight, drives the Earth’s climate, weather patterns, and photosynthesis in plants. The Sun’s gravitational pull keeps the planets in orbit, maintaining the delicate balance of our solar system.

Ruler of the Solar System:

             As the creator of the solar system and the ruler with gravitational control over all the planets, the Sun possesses qualities that are reflected in the characteristics of a sovereign. All the virtues of a ruler are found in the Sun.

Influence on the Body:

             The Sun affects the body’s vital aspects, including internal energy, consciousness, the heart, spinal cord, eyes, and is particularly associated with the head and heart. Its influence enhances internal energy, freshness, and promotes a healthy life.In the context of Hindu astrology, each celestial body, including the Sun, is associated with specific qualities or “gunas.” The Sun is linked with the “Satvik Guna,” representing purity, knowledge, and spirituality. Astrologically, it is also associated with the soul, vitality, and the self. In terms of the body, the Sun is often linked to the eyes and heart in traditional systems of medicine and astrology.

Characteristics of the Sun:

             Qualities such as true love, authoritative nature, leadership, honesty, cheerfulness, hard work, courage, belief in justice, and ruling abilities are all attributed to the Sun.

Ailments related to the Sun:

             Health issues associated with the Sun include heart problems, lack of self-power, diminished consciousness, various types of fevers, spinal discomfort, and digestion issues. The Sun’s planetary period can aid in protection against diseases.

Professional Influence of the Sun:

             Given its regal status, the Sun is linked to professions related to government, security, power generation centers, control rooms, grain storage, hospitals, and businesses dealing with medicines and electricity production.The Sun is often associated with professions that require leadership, authority, and vitality. In astrology, careers related to government, administration, politics, and creative fields are often linked to the Sun. It symbolises ambition, determination, and a drive for success.

Products associated with the Sun:

             Essential items for life, such as wheat, rice, barley, corn, pulses, along with spices, cashews, coconuts, various injections, medicines, chemicals, and gold, are all considered under the influence of the Sun.

Places linked with the Sun:

             Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, fortifications, government buildings, electricity production centers, thermal plants, hospitals, medical stores, zoos, and residences of rulers are all associated with the Sun.

Animals and Birds:

               Horses, lions, swans, and animals living in the jungle are considered influenced by the Sun.


                In conclusion, the Sun holds a prominent position as the soul significator, influencing various aspects of life, health, and profession. Its positive characteristics promote leadership, health, and a sense of self. Understanding the diverse impacts of the Sun aids in recognizing its role in shaping individual destinies.The Sun, as the powerhouse of our solar system, holds immense significance in various aspects of our existence. Beyond being a celestial body with physical characteristics, it influences our culture, spirituality, and even career choices through various belief systems. Understanding the Sun’s role in our solar system not only deepens our scientific knowledge but also connects us to broader aspects of human culture and spirituality.

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