Panchang and Horoscope for January 24, 2024: Today’s planetary positions:

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 Panchang and Horoscope for January 24, 2024: Today’s planetary positions:

  • Jupiter is in Aries,
  • Moon is in Gemini,
  • Ketu is in Virgo,
  • Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter are in Sagittarius,
  • Sun is in Capricorn,
  • Saturn is in Aquarius,
  • Rahu is transiting in Pisces.

Today’s Panchang:

  • Nakshatra: Punarvasu,
  • Tithi: Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi,
  • Karan: Ghar,
  • Yoga: Vaidhriti.

Planetary Transits:

Sun is transiting in Capricorn, and the Moon is transiting in Gemini.

Rahu Kaal (inauspicious period): Rahu Kaal will be from 12:38 PM to 2:01 PM. Avoid starting any auspicious work during this time. Auspicious Muhurat, Abhijit Muhurat, will be from 1:02 PM to 1:26 PM. It is a favorable time for significant activities that bring long-term benefits.

Horoscope for Today:

  • Aries:

    • Arians will experience increased confidence and support from friends and family. Recognition at the workplace for recent achievements is likely.
  • Taurus:

    • Taurus individuals may face some social challenges, and financial decisions require careful consideration. Seek advice from friends and family.
  • Gemini:

    • Geminis will find mental peace today. It’s a good time for hobbies and spiritual activities. Health is likely to improve, and support from friends is expected.
  • Cancer:

    • Cancer individuals should be cautious about unnecessary conflicts with their life partners. Financial management is crucial, and health concerns may arise.
  • Leo:

    • Leos will experience stability in thoughts and improved decision-making. Recognition at work and financial gains are on the horizon. Health remains good.
  • Virgo:

    • Virgos may face challenges in work or business, and financial gains may be slow. It’s advised to focus on hard work rather than relying solely on luck.
  • Libra:

    • Librans may encounter hurdles in their career, but hard work will lead to positive outcomes. Financial stability is likely, and support from colleagues is expected.
  • Scorpio:

    • Scorpios should pay attention to their health, especially if dealing with chronic conditions. Some work-related stress is possible. Focus on self-care.
  • Sagittarius:

    • Sagittarians will see improvements in their social life and financial prospects. Business or career contracts may bring favorable results. Health remains good.
  • Capricorn:

    • Capricorns may experience slower progress at work, but financial gains are visible. Pay attention to health, and a short trip may bring happiness.
  • Aquarius:

    • Aquarians may face challenges in health and work. Avoid unnecessary conflicts, and financial management is crucial. Seek support from family.
  • Pisces:

    • Pisceans will enjoy positive connections with new people. Financial gains and recognition are likely. Focus on spiritual activities for overall well-being.

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