Nature of Aries sign, body parts, diseases, construction, business, place.

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Nature of Aries sign, body parts, diseases, construction, business, place.

Introduction to Aries Sign:

                  In the Kundli of a Kal Purusha, there are 12 signs, with the first sign being the Aries sign. The ruler of this sign is Mars, and in the natural Kundli, it occupies the first position. The first position generally directs the entire body. The shape of the Aries sign is that of a ram, which looks down at the ground without looking up. The Aries sign is somewhat administrative and is associated with the earth. People of this sign may do anything, but their focus remains on the ground. If there is no consciousness in the body, only soil remains; therefore, Aries is related to the earth element and is sacrificed to the soil. The ruler of Aries is Mars, which is associated with the fire element, resulting in fire and intense heat. People with Aries sign are action-oriented, fearless, confident, yet have a somewhat light-hearted approach. When looking at the first house of the Kundli, the head is the body part under the influence of Aries. Therefore, people with Aries always aspire to stay in a high position, work on their own terms without trusting anyone else.

Aries has some shortcomings, such as quick anger and a tendency towards arrogance, selfishness, and aggressiveness due to the influence of Mars. Additionally, impatience and sometimes making foolish decisions are observed in this sign.

Body Parts under Aries Sign:

               In the Kundli of a Kal Purusha, Aries sign begins in the first house. Therefore, the upper and internal parts of the head, apart from the nose, are under the influence of this sign


Health-related aspects of Aries Sign:

Aries sign is associated with various health issues. As it occupies the first house in the Kundli of a Kal Purusha, it is linked to ailments related to the head, internal parts of the head, sleep disorders, injuries related to the Mars nerve or nerve weakness, paralysis, internal injuries due to Mars’ influence, injuries to any part of the body, cuts on the body, injuries or internal diseases related to the head, blood pressure, and diseases related to heat and acidity, causing discomfort. Aries sign and Mars are also connected to diseases that cause burning sensations, irritation, acidity, and other troublesome conditions.

Construction-related activities associated with Aries Sign:

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is associated with explosive items, bombs, guns, and all types of weapons. Aries, being a cardinal sign, is linked to railway tracks, vehicles, and engines. It governs mechanical work related to ships’ engines and construction using earth or stones, such as houses and buildings made from soil or stones, construction work involving copper or steel, and the creation of sharp and hard spices.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, exhibits almost all its qualities and flaws in Aries. Mars is a powerful and energetic planet, and Aries being a cardinal sign in association with the first house enhances Mars’ qualities, making people involved in professions like police, military, paramilitary forces, doctors, martial arts, boxing, wrestling, engineering, tailoring, blacksmithing, weaving, clocks, and machine repair, sharp tools, metalworking, and construction-related businesses.

Places related to Aries Sign:

As Mars, the ruler of Aries, is associated with the earth element, it is linked to lands with low water content, dry lands, sandy lands, and fertile lands suitable for cultivation. Aries, occupying the first house in the Kundli of a Kal Purusha, has influence over the peaks of mountains on the roof of a house.


The placement of Aries sign in the first house of the Kal Purusha’s Kundli signifies that it governs the head and face of a person. Due to Mars’ influence, Aries tends to be of warm temperament. The shape resembling a ram’s head implies that individuals with Aries tend to focus on the ground rather than looking upward. Aries individuals are quick and decisive but can sometimes make foolish decisions. Fearlessness is a characteristic of Aries, and due to Mars’ influence, there is a high level of energy and strength associated with this sign.

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